Kathy Heath is an award winning landscape artist specializing in creating environmental portraits inspired by nature. Kathy is trained in the traditional art of painting and drawing where she received her Degree in Art Education from Florida State. She taught art for 10 years before going onto further study with Master Painters in California and Cape Cod and her painting style has been heavily influenced by the Hudson River School Painters.

Kathy has combined her skills and training and has participated in numerous juried exhibits in North and South Carolina and has received awards from: Tryon Painters (SC); Sculptors Society; and the South Carolina Regional Art Competition. Kathy’s art is also in many private homes.

Kathy states this about her art. “ As a landscape painter my drive is to convey to the observer those spectacular moments from the ordinary landscape. I have always been attracted to the power of nature’s dynamic landscape and I often return to a certain scene multiple times, to observe and capture its essence.”

Kathy continues her thoughts, “ For me to be able to communicate my response to a scene through the use of paint is both the challenge and the satisfaction. I often sense peace yet drama; complexity yet simplicity; restful peace yet activity; grand yet spiritual.”

Her concluding thoughts perhaps best describe her desire when painting the light and shadows of the landscape before her, “As much as I rely on representational art, my main interest is to generate an emotional response to the painting by those who view it. I want my paintings to have a curiosity about them, to intrigue the viewer.”